Current Fishing Conditions 2016





May 7, 2016 -  The water temperature was at an optimal 51 degrees today and the sun was out!  We saw at least 15 northern pike.  They were not completely aggressive.  We boated five, but left the rest for another day.  Call today to schedule your charter. 


May 14, 2016 -  Another beautiful day for spring fishing for northerns.   I went out for two hours and caught 4 nice Northerns.   The largest one was 33" and the smallest was a 27"er.    The time is now.  


June 2, 2016 -  Another awesome day for spring fishing for northerns.   today was a wet and rainy day but it did't stop all the Northerns from biting.   Today we boated 8 and lost 3 others at the boat.        There is still time to catch a boat load of large Northern Pike.    


June 14, 2016 -  Today was a day where the fish had lock jaw.  We managed to get a couple of bites but the fish got off and only boated the one.      


June 18, 2016 -  Water temp was 58 degree for opening day of Bass and Muskie season.   We stopped counting Bass after 20 and managed to boat a nice 21 inch walleye and a good looking 31 inch Northern.   


June 19, 2016 -  Bass are in abundance and another bnice walleye in the boat today.  Call us and schedule a charter before the bass leave the shallows and go deep.    


July 3, 2016 -  Bass are starting to move into our summer locations.  A lot of fun is still to be had chasing smallmouths.