1. Passengers must abide by all applicable Federal, State, Local Laws and Ordinaces while on our charter service.


2. Passengers must wear a safety vest in extreme weather or at the Captain's request.


3. Horseplay is not allowed either dockside or onboard, as serious injuries may occur.


4. New York State Law requires children age 12 and under to wear an approved safety vest AT ALL TIMES.


5. We fish with artificial lures. We may have worms, crayfish or minnows available.


6. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages permitted on board.


7. Passengers must follow the direction of our staff at all times for safety. Any violation or failure to comply

with direction may void the contract and forfeit fees already paid.


8. Trips may be cancelled due to inclement weather at our discretion, whether it is occurring or forecasted.  Cancellations by customers within 72 hours of a trip are subject to a fifty percent cancellation fee. In short, if you cancel, your deposit will be absorbed by Let's Go Fishin' LLC. If we cancel a charter at the last minute, the fees will be reimbursed according to the number of hours spent on the water. Cancellations by us on the day of a trip are subject to a $25.00 charge if live bait has already been purchased. You may then receive your balance or schedule another day. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of departure, seventy five percent of the charter cost is absorbed by Let's Go Fishin Charters LLC.


9. Any issues between customers/passengers and our crew may be made in writing to: Let's Go Fishin' 103 Stoughton Ave. Massena, NY 13662.


10. If you choose to bring your own equipment onboard, we are not liable for any loss or damage to your equipment regardless of how it became damaged or lost, or who damaged or lost it.


11. Half day charters are available upon request. The fee for half day charters is equivalent to a 30% discount off your regular fees.


12. Unless otherwise noted, all half day charters are scheduled for 3 hours and all full day charters are scheduled for 6 hours.  


13. Fishing is called fishing and not catching for a reason. If during a paid charter no fish are caught, the Captain or a member of his crew may fish to increase your odds.  Regardless, we do not guarantee that you will catch any fish.


14. We request that all passengers treat our equipment as if it were their own. Damage caused by intentional abuse will require your replacement or repair. Intentional damage to equipment is grounds for cancellation of the charter and forfeiture of all fees paid. In the event the lost of the damages exceed the fee you paid, you will be subject to the balance of damages, and legal fees if we are required to pursue a payment. Determination of damages will be made by our staff.


15. Checks that are cancelled, have insufficient funds, or are returned for any reason will carry a mandatory $40.00 processing fee.


16.  We generally photograph and videotape portions of our charters as a way of documenting our customers’ fishing experiences.  We may post such photos and video clips on a variety of social media (Facebook, YouTube), as well as on our website and may use some in printed brochures. It is a great way to show off your huge catch, and to share the experience with friends and family.  We’re also happy to email copies of these photos to you upon request.  We ask that you please sign a consent form at the dock to allow us to use and publish such photos.


17. To win a Free 1/2 day Charter for catching the heaviest/longest*** in season fish, the following four conditions must be met: (1) The fish must be one of the following species - Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Fresh Water Drum, Muskellunge or Salmon. (2) The fish must be caught on a paid full day charter during the current calendar year, (3) The fish must not only take over First Place on the current year's leader board, but it must remain in First Place until midnight on December 15th, AND (4) The fish must be larger than the fish of the same species posted in the Hall of Fame by a minimum of 1 oz or 1 inch***. The winners for the free charters will be announced here on our website on December 16th. Only the persons catching the winning fish are entitled to receive the free charters. If anyone wishes to accompany one of the winners on their Free Charter, that person(s) must pay the full charter rate as if the winner were not onboard. Prizes are not transferable and have no cash value. All prizes must be used within the next fishing season and prior to November 1st.

***Length applies to Muskies only.


18.  Gift certificates, however obtained (i.e., purchased, awarded by another organization, or won in a raffle, etc.), must be used within 1 year from the date of issuance.  Gift certificates are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.  For any issues related to such gift certificates, please contact us in writing at Let’s Go Fishin’, 103 Stoughton Ave., Massena NY 13662 within thirty (30) days of purchase.


19. Our season begins the first Saturday in May until Thanksgiving or Dec 15th. After Thanksgiving, we will only be open on days where the weather conditions or time allow for us to be on the water. All charters for the month of November must be scheduled one month ahead of time. If you have a gift certificate that expires the current year you must schedule a charter by October 1st of such year or you will lose the ability to use the gift certificate and its value. There is no exception to this rule.


20.  We prefer that you pay with cash or check, but if you must use a credit card, the rules are as follows: 1. The user may charge a deposit the entire balance. 2. The credit card must be available for swiping when used in person. 3. The individual whose name appears on the card may be the only one to use and sign for the charges. 4. Cancellations are subject to the same rules as stated under rule eight.


21. All prices and rules are subject to change without prior notification.

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